Wei Zhang

Prof Wei Zhang, a Biochemical Engineer since 1989, has strong research and teaching expertise in bioprocess engineering, marine bioproducts engineering, and industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology including, marine bioprocessing, molecular and integrated bioprocessing, microalgal biofuels and biorefinery, bioproduct discovery and development, membrane bioreactor, fermentation, plant and animal cell culture. He obtained his PhD from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and did his Postdocs in University of Tokyo, Adelaide University and Cambridge University. He joined Flinders University in 1998. Since 2000, he has secured many national and international grants of over A$40 millions for 50 research projects. He has found the Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development at Flinders University and became its inaugural Director in 2009. He has published over 200 refereed Journal papers, 140+ conference presentations, 20+ industrial reports, eight Journal special issues, two conference proceedings, two edited books. He is an editorial member of three International Journals- Marine Biotechnology, Process Biochemistry, and Biofuels. He has organised and chaired more than 30 international conferences and sessions, including 13th International Biotechnology Symposium with over 2500 participants, and 8th Asia-Pacific Algal Biotechnology Conference. He is a winner of "South Australia Young Tall Poppy Science Award" in 2008, "Taishan Blue Economy Leading Scholar Award" in 2014, and "Convention Adelaide Award" in 2016 . He is the Inaugural President of Australia-New Zealand Marine Biotechnology Society, and Chair of Marine Biotechnology Subcommittee, Australia National Marine Science Committee.