Philip Chan

Prof Chan's interests focus on the development of operationally straightforward and practical synthetic strategies for C-C and C-X (X = N, O, S) bond formation that follows the principles of environmental sustainability and which is of broad utility to synthetic organic chemistry. He is drawn to the design of stereoselective multiple bond forming synthetic methods that can be achieved under mild conditions with ecologically benign catalysts and significantly minimize and/or eliminate the consumption of a variety of material and energy resources as well as the production of chemical waste. Three thematic approaches are: (1) Lewis and Brønsted acid-catalyzed C-OH bond activation; (2) gold-catalyzed cycloisomerization of alkynes; and (3) transition metal- and Brønsted acid-mediated chemistry of iminoiodanes. The application of these novel catalytic methodologies to the construction of bioactive natural products and as practical synthetic tools for the assembly of complex molecules of current biological and materials interest is also pursued.