Laura-Lee Innes

Laura-lee Innes is an Associate Professor jointly appointed to the Departments of Chemical and Civil Engineering with a focus in Environmental Engineering. She obtained her BEng and PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, where her PhD research focussed on the performance of polymeric containers used for the storage of radioactive waste. She also completed her MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta where her research focussed on the crack resistance of thermoplastic roadway markings. She also served as a Commissioned Officer in the Canadian Air Force, where she trained as an Air Navigator and had responsibility for development and implementation of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System at one of the first Canadian Air Force Bases to adopt this system.

Prior to joining Monash in 2019, Laura-lee spent 12 years at the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria where she held various roles including the role of Senior Applied Scientist – Waste and Chemicals from 2014 as well as the appointment as EPA Victoria’s Principal Expert for Waste from 2013. While at EPA Victoria, she developed and delivered research programs that provided the evidence base to inform regulatory and policy development and implementation in the areas of waste and chemicals. In 2017 she was the technical lead for the development of the Per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) National Environmental Management Plan.