Jacqui Adcock

Dr Adcock is an ARC DECRA fellow, currently developing new chromatographic methods for the analysis of various common lipid types such as fatty acids, sterols and tocopherols. She is also synthesising novel lipid compounds using enzymatic reactions, and in conjunction with this is developing chromatographic methods for the analysis of these compounds. Her work is specifically focussed on omega-3 fatty acids and the anti-inflammatory compounds that can be synthesised from them. These compounds may be beneficial in the treatment of many inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, periodontal disease and allergies.

Previously, Dr Adcock has developed a wide range of new methodology for the analysis of foods, biological fluids, industrial process samples, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs. During her postdoctoral fellowship at RMIT University, Dr Adcock developed advanced separation techniques, based on comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography, for the rapid analysis of essential oil and perfume products, and worked in the R&D department at Firmenich – the world’s second largest flavour and fragrance company – located in Switzerland.