Gil Garnier

Dr Garnier is the founding Director of BioPRIA, the BioProcessing Resource Research Institute of Australia created in 2013 and based at Monash University. BioPRIA emerged from the Australia Pulp and Paper Institute (APPI) that Prof. Garnier has directed since 2005. Dr. Garnier is also Professor in Chemical Engineering at Monash since 2005. Previously, he was team leader and Research Engineer at Kimberly-Clark (WI, USA) (2000-2005), and Paprican Professor in Chemical Engineering at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) (1993-2000).

Prof. Garnier’s research and development activities aim at developing low-cost biomedical diagnostics and implementing Biorefineries. He achieves these objectives by applying the concepts of colloid and surface chemistry, polymer physics, green chemistry, material and process engineering to renewable lignocellulosic materials such as wood and agriculture residues. His activity gravitates around three platforms: 1) Surfaces and Bio-diagnostics, 2) Nanocellulose and Nanocomposites, and 3) Green Chemistry and Sustainable Processes.