Colin Barrow

Professor Colin Barrow is Chair of Biotechnology at Deakin University. He is also the Director of the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology (CCB). Previously he was Executive Vice President of Research and Development for Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) where he led the development of seafood-derived supplement and healthy food ingredients and technologies. 

Professor Barrow has a Ph.D. in marine natural products chemistry from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and an MBA from Penn State in the USA. Professor Barrow has approximately 130 peer-reviewed publications and several patents. His research interests include a broad spectrum of natural products chemistry, biological chemistry, food biotechnology and omega- 3 oil technology.

His current research is primarily in two areas: Omega-3 biotechnology and amyloid fibres and nanomaterials. His current research group at Deakin University has 8 post-doctoral fellows and 14 PhD students and he collaborates with a variety of research groups in India, China, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada.