The ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing is an interdisciplinary research and training environment centred on green and sustainable chemistry. The Centre, comprising of university, industry, government authorities and key industry bodies, aims to transform and revitalise Australian Manufacturing through the adoption of green and sustainable chemical technologies.

The challenge

As a society, we now expect our products to consist of chemicals and materials that are safe for both humans and the environment. This is being implemented not only through regulations such as REACH in Europe, but also by companies. In the USA, Nike and Levi-Straus amongst others are all seeking safer chemicals, and stores such as Wal Mart, Lowes and Home Depot are actively destocking products that incorporate specific chemicals of concern and replacing them with products that are safe to humans and the environment.

Australian manufacturers seeking to export into these markets must ensure the materials and chemicals in their products comply with these demands. They will need a workforce capable of designing and selecting chemicals that are intrinsically safe for both humans and the environment.

Our Approach

We see the application of green chemistry principles as key to developing chemicals that are not only safer, but also maintain or exceed performance and are cost effective.

With input from both the academic leaders and industry, the ARC Training for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing has the following aims:

  • Develop industry ready PhD graduates and post-doctoral fellows with strong experience in the theory and practice of green and sustainable chemistry
  • Provide postgraduate researchers and post-doctoral fellows with industry relevant skills, capabilities and strategies that will give them the confidence to lead the transition of the Australian Manufacturing Industry
  • Exploit key knowledge in green chemistry to develop novel products and processes with commercial applicability
  • Bring together industry, researchers and associations to lead a four year program developing a high quality, industry relevant cohort and network of graduates and researchers
  • Train the existing workforce to help drive a vibrant modern and sustainable Australian Manufacturing Industry